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Eden found Jude in the falling darkness. Her cool fingers slipped over his cheeks, the rough line of his jaw. The slope of his nose. His breath warmed her palms, his lashes a whisper as she traced the eyes she’d tried so hard to forget. His lips parted beneath her thumbs. They were slick, hot; the source of Eden’s darkest fantasies and the gateway to promises she never expected to hear.

And they were hers, if she wanted them. If she just said yes….

Jude shifted, their thighs rubbing. Eden pushed a thumb between his lips. His tongue coaxed her deeper, his groan as warm as his mouth. The scrape of his teeth was just sharp enough, the long pull that followed all Eden needed to give up, give in. To nod. Yes.

Jude dragged their mouths together and Eden’s thumbs trailed, one damp, both shaking, down till she found his shoulders. She held on, letting him take – and give – whatever he wanted.

His hands spread across her back, traced her spine, his fingers flexing around her hips before he cupped her ass. While he kissed her, no break, no breath.

Eden’s head fell, her neck bowing as he drew her tight. The air at her back was cool. The front of her was burning. Jude opened his mouth wider, stroked his tongue deeper. He turned, moving her with his hands and the hard wall of his body, backing Eden against the table. She felt the linen-covered edge hit the back of her legs just as Jude broke the kiss.

Eden’s mouth hung open. The hinge of her jaw ached from Jude’s onslaught, pressed so wide, used so fully, like he was trying to imprint himself on her bones. Like he thought it would stop her from running away.

If he only knew. No matter how far she traveled, or how long she stayed away, Eden had never been able to escape him. The longer she tried, the harder she failed. The more she couldn’t pretend he wasn’t everything she’d always wanted.

Wind tangled her hair, continuing the job he’d started. Eden couldn’t catch her breath, couldn’t feel her toes. The chill of the table was seeping through the back of her pants and Jude’s solid erection was undeniable – and so fucking hard – against her front.

She should’ve been nervous, angry. Confused. Scared shitless, if she was honest. Breaking her own heart by running away was one thing. Willingly turning it over to the man who could crush it – or squeeze it back to life, depending on the pressure – was something else entirely.

Jude held her still, but couldn’t stop moving. One hand memorized the line of her throat while the other slipped beneath her sweater, coveting the two little divots at the base of her spine.

“Eden.” Her name hummed in the twilight. Jude rocked his hips, once, and Eden’s neck arched just a little bit more. “Be sure, Eden,” he said. They were so close she felt his voice before she heard it. “Be absolutely sure. Because if you let me in, there’s no getting me out again. I aim to be so deep inside you.”

Her soft whimper kissed his next breath. Jude’s thumb pressed against her pulse.

“Not just your body, Eden. I want all the way in.” His tongue traced his thumb against her skin and she shook. “Deep into your heart. Your soul. Sunk into the part of you that no one ever sees, that no one even knows exists. No one but me.”

Jude let go so fast Eden had to grab the table for support. He fisted his hands into the tablecloth on either side of her. Eden barely registered the sound of a glass falling and breaking.

“I know you there,” Jude said, rough, breathless, “the shape you are. The ragged edges and the sharp points and the soft lines that will stretch if I push down just hard enough.” The table creaked under their weight. “Do you know why?”

The moon had taken over the sky and it was enough to illuminate Jude’s eyes. What Eden saw made her lungs ache. She squeezed the table harder and shook her head.

“I know, Eden, because there’s a matching hole deep inside me. Rough to your ragged, barbed where you’re sharp, so fucking empty where you’ll mold to fit me.” Jude’s jaw flexed, groaning under the pressure. “So be sure. Because whatever happens next, I mean to fit us back together again. And, this time, I swear to God, I won’t let you get away.”

Eden felt Jude’s words trace the hollow in her chest, the place she had once held sacred, just for him. The yawning gap they were both responsible for. It flared and burned, and begged not so softly.

Thinking had only gotten her so far. Running, not far enough. Eden was tired of both. At that second, her brain was completely shot, her feet perfectly still. And her heart was trying to tear through her chest to get to it’s rightful owner.

With a soft sigh, Eden relaxed. She sank against the table and covered Jude’s hands with her own. A current of acknowledgement jumped from her skin to his. When he moved there was no ignoring the crash of plates and glasses behind them.

Fuck,” he swore, molding their lips together. Jude used his grip on the linen to haul Eden forward, wedging her between his spread legs. Their kiss was the conversation, repeated, moans and sighs were words had been. Eden accepting Jude; Jude pulling her in.

His hands flew from the table to her waist, then her chest. Eden pressed her breasts into his broad palms and yanked his head down. Their teeth knocked. Jude cupped and kneaded, plucking out little cries every time he rubbed Eden’s nipples through her sweater.

Eden spread her legs wider, her feet scrambling against the back of Jude’s calves. She dragged his tongue into her mouth when she felt his hands drop to her jeans.

Her lids fell, air escaping in a rush when Jude traced his thumbs along the juncture between her legs and torso. Leisurely, at first, like they had all the time in the world. But Eden shifted her hips, dragging the seam of her pants along the line of his thick cock. Jude jerked, his thumbs biting into her. Hard and so fucking right.

He dropped his mouth to her shoulder, teeth finding Eden’s exposed tendon when she arched against him. He nibbled and sucked, the flick of his tongue as coaxing as the water rocking the dock. Eden floated high on the sensation, barely registering the subtle jerks of his hands until he demanded, “Up.”

Eden’s body complied, instantly. She dropped her feet to the ground long enough for Jude to slip her jeans over her hips and down to her ankles. He hauled her back onto the table.

Jude littered kisses on her neck, her chin, her jaw, never leaving her, but not distracting her from the heat of his hands against her knees. Her thighs. The apex between, covered by just a scrap of cotton.

Eden squeezed his shoulders at the first touch. Not even an intrusion. Jude stroked one thick finger against the damp fabric, his hum of satisfaction sinking beneath her skin to coil and burn where he learned the feel of her.

Eden grabbed his narrow waist when he licked the rim of her ear. And searched, blindly, for his erection when he pressed between her folds, soaking the fabric even more.

She skimmed his tip and it jerked, begging for her hand. Jude pulled back. Not enough to take his hand from between her thighs, but enough so Eden couldn’t touch him.

“Uh-uh,” he said with a dark laugh. “Not now, not here. If you touch me, Eden, I won’t be able to stop. No chance in hell. And we’re not doing that here.”

Eden ringed him, thumbing his tip in protest. Jude groaned, cuffing her wrists in his free one. He kissed one palm, then the other, before lacing her arms across his shoulders. “Oh, my gorgeous, little runaway.” He licked her lips and they both tasted like wine. And wonder and lust.

“I’m not fucking you here. I’m not fucking you yet.”

Jude ran a finger along her once more before dragging the placket of her panties aside. Eden dug her nails into his neck as he slowly traced her opening. Her throat locked. Cool air laced between his strong finger and her slick flesh. Jude’s chuckle died on a groan when her swollen lips got wetter still. There was no way he could hide how his dick throbbed against her leg.

“I have plans, Eden. Fantasies. Visions that have driven me mad and kept me sane every day since you left. And as much as I’m going to enjoy making you come out here, hearing you scream my name, and having it echo over and over and over again, this isn’t where we’re taking each other for the first time. Got it?”

Eden didn’t say anything. She wiggled her feet until her shoes slipped off, then her jeans. She canted her hips as she locked her ankles behind Jude’s knees, the spread of her thighs giving him the answer: yes.

Jude moved fast, pulling away long enough to sweep the rest of the stuff off the table. The noise died as he laid Eden down, supporting himself on one hand. The other returned to her thighs, up, further, along her overheated lips, tracing just shy of her clit before drawing back down. Between, deeper. Then in. Just a tip, a tease.

Eden grabbed his arm where grazed her shoulder. She arched, trying to pull him in.

Jude didn’t follow. He held the blunt tip of his finger just inside her channel, testing her softness, her give. Then, so fucking slowly, he sank in. Eden felt his exhale against her gaping mouth, his coarse jeans against the inside of her knees. And, more than anything, she felt him open her, stroke her deep, slowly. Lovingly. With intention and a craving that had Jude curling that finger up and in, catching Eden so that she cried and her head thrashed.

“Fuck, Eden,” he growled. “Do that again.”

“Make me,” she whispered back. He did. Over and over. With stroke after stroke, some slow, smooth. Then faster, harder. Demanding. Jude added a second finger, stretching, reaching for the spot both of them were out of their minds to find.

Eden scratched his arm, her other hand white-knuckled in her hair. Jude muttered against her mouth, her neck, her breasts where they heaved beneath her sweater. He kept moving down, lower.

She stared sightless at the sky, vaguely aware that anyone could be out there. That anyone could be close enough to hear her buck against the table, or the wet stroke of Jude’s fingers inside her. Or the way she cried when his tongue traced her clit, flicking fast, too fucking gently to make her come.

Jude,” she begged, not caring who could hear. Not caring about anything other than havoc he was creating with his mouth and fingers.

“My gorgeous, fucking runaway.” It was the last thing Eden heard before Jude replaced his fingers with his tongue and stroked her clit with his thumb. Strong and steady and so hard Eden shook, her hips driving against his face until she was screaming, shouting his name, coming violently as he ate and ate.

Then, silence. The world absent till Eden caught her scent, her taste as Jude kissed the corner of her mouth, her cheek, stroking her hair off her face. She opened her eyes on a deep sigh. He was above her, serious. Beautiful. Another kiss to her nose. Then, a smile.

“Come. Before you get cold.”

Eden realized she was dressed. Pants buttoned, shoes on. She had no idea how long she’d laid there, boneless. Thoughtless. Jude helped her off the table, steadying her when her knees buckled. “Come,” he repeated, twisting her hair around one hand before ghosting a kiss across her temple. “Let’s get you back. We have a long day tomorrow.”

“Hmm?” Eden looked at him, utterly blank.

Jude smirked. “At work, Eden. You. Me. The gallery.” The smirk vanished, his eyes somber in the moonlight. “Like I said. No escaping.”


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