NOTE: 18+ due to language and sexual content.

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That night on the dock, Jude had confessed to fantasizing about her. About them.

Eden had fantasized too. More times than she could count. She’d dreamed up scenarios that she’d happily enact on any surface they could find, flat or otherwise.

But this wasn’t a fantasy. Jude’s muscles were hard beneath her hands, desire making them jump at the lightest touch. Eden wasn’t imagining how his shallow breaths skimmed her cheek. Or how the memory of his tongue between her thighs had her stomach swooping low and her pulse spiking in anticipation.

They both watched as Eden skated her hands towards his hips, their breaths hitching as she got closer to the erection straining his pants.

No. This might feel like a dream come true, but it definitely wasn’t a fantasy.

“Upstairs,” Eden murmured. Her voice came out even lower than usual.

“Upstairs? You’re sure?” Everything about Jude – his body, his posture, his punishing restraint, the unholy and ravenous glint in his eyes – was pure, unadulterated man. But the hope in his voice, that little lilt of vulnerability, held a sliver of the boy he’d once been. And had Eden’s heart protesting against her chest.

I love you, her soul screamed.

“Yes, I’m sure,” she whispered.

Seconds later, Jude was leading her by the hand, their movement through the house unhurried but certain.

At one point in her life, Eden would have distracted herself with things, unimportant details. The plushness of the carpet. The nick on the top of the newel post. The creak of the fifth step.

But that was before, with other men. Before, when she was Eden the runaway. The bad sister, the heartbroken friend.

Jude’s thumb skimmed the inside of her wrist and Eden gave his fingers a squeeze.

Those pieces of herself were still there. Eden knew it would take years – not weeks – to quiet all of the doubts and fears and uncertainties that had gathered during her absence. But as she watched Jude’s shoulders shift beneath his shirt and the column of his neck turn and tighten and his Adam’s apple bob as he looked at her, eyes burning in the dark, all of those niggling voices vanished. And the lovesick girl who still lived in the body of a unabashedly aroused woman gave a riotous shout of joy.

They were two steps into Jude’s room when Eden slipped her hand free.

“Wh-” Jude started to ask, but Eden silenced him with a kiss. One pass of her tongue along the seam of his lips, one tug of his thick hair and the only thing that mattered was getting skin to skin.

Their lips parted and pressed as Eden untucked his shirt and undid the buttons.

Jude moaned – or was it her? – when Eden’s fingers, then the palms of her hands coasted down his abdomen. His muscles danced beneath her touch, more solid and hotter than she’d imagined.

Fuck, Eden.” It was little more than a groan, and she giggled when it was followed by a grunt. Jude couldn’t get hands out of his cuffs, the fabric trapping his arms as she dragged the sleeves down.

He yanked harder and Eden felt a wicked smile curl her lips. She gripped the shirt where it hung behind his back, his wrists pinned below the curve of his ass. “No. You got to play before. Now it’s my turn.”

Even in the moonlit room, Eden could see color flood Jude’s cheeks and his lids drop as his head lolled back. And as much as she loved the sight, she had other things to focus on.

With his shirt pulled taut in her left hand, Eden used her right one to undo his belt, then the tab and fly of his pants. She dropped to her knees without thought, the scratch of the carpet beneath her bare skin obliterated by the vision of the man in front of her.

Jude’s broad, sculpted torso narrowed to sleek hips, those mouth-watering grooves just above his groin issuing an undeniable invitation. The waistband of his black boxer briefs cut across his angled planes and Eden used her lips to follow the subtle line of chest hair to where it disappeared beneath the tented fabric.

Jude’s moan filled the room, his arms straining against his shirt, when Eden dropped lower, her mouth finding and caressing the concealed head of his cock.

Christ.” His voice shuddered high above her. “You’re gonna kill me.”

“Want me to stop?” she teased, the glide of her lips only adding to the torture.

“Fuck, no.” Jude’s voice was pained and his legs were tense, but he shifted enough so that Eden could drag his pants off his hips, followed by his underwear.

He should have looked ridiculous. He was still wearing his socks and shoes, his pants and boxer briefs were tangled around his knees, and his hands were trussed in his shirt, any excess fabric pulled tight by Eden’s grip.

But Jude didn’t look ridiculous. He stood tall before her, his abs straining, his shoulders bunched, the muscles of upper arms corded with tension. And barely-leashed desire. The cool glow of the moon illumined half of his face and Eden traced it with upturned eyes. His lids were heavy, his jaw locked, his lips parted around ragged breaths.

He looked glorious. He looked like heaven.

He looked like hers.

Eden dropped her gaze to his groin. Yes, this had been a fantasy. Jude rock hard and exposed in front of her. Eyes on his thick erection, Eden felt that wicked smile return before she licked her bottom lip. She was rewarded with a feral groan and a drop of moisture that beaded on his tip.

She anchored Jude with his shirt and used her free hand to cup his sac before circling the base of his cock. He was smooth and silken and as hard as steel, and Eden hummed in pleasure.

With one stroke, Jude was pushing his hips towards her. On her return stroke down, his fingers were scrambling against their fabric prison.


Jude’s voice slipped through her and Eden dropped her forehead to his groin, dragging in his scent and tracing his crown with her tongue.

“Please,” he barely managed to say. “Put me in your mouth before I lose my fucking mind.”

Jude was hers, but Eden was his. And she answered the only way she could.

Her lips parted over his swollen head, the salty tang greeting her before Eden drew his length into her mouth. Jude was large, his crown broad and his shaft thick, and she wanted to taste him more than anything.

Glancing up, Eden watched his eyes close and his chest shudder as she swallowed, pulling his cock as far into her mouth as she could. His next groan was loud, dying off as she stroked up from the base, her fingers sliding easily as she slicked his skin.

Eden’s lungs were burning. So was the rest of her. Her nipples chaffed against her bra, her breasts were full, aching for Jude’s hands. And lips. And teeth. Sweat gathered beneath the weight of her hair and every drop of moisture she coaxed from Jude was answered ten-fold in the juncture between her thighs.

Her hands tightened, one in his shirt, the other around his straining length. Eden stretched her jaw, craving the way Jude’s entire body shook when she took him deep.

When his crown pushed into her throat, Eden felt, rather than heard, the shout the tore through him. Eyes closed, cheeks damp with tears of exertion, she consumed him, loved him with her mouth and tongue and lips and hand until she had him begging her to never stop. Until she had him begging her to let him go.

“I’m not coming in your mouth, Eden. Not this time.” Jude jerked his hips away and Eden barely registered the sound of fabric tearing before his hands were beneath her arms and he was hauling her off the floor.

When their mouths met, Jude didn’t hesitate. His tongue was against hers in an instant, the contrasting flavors – the saltiness of him and the sweetness of the bourbon – making Eden lightheaded.

His teeth caught her bottom lip before he jerked away, pulling his arms free from his ruined shirt before tossing Eden onto the bed.

She bounced then settled, her unsteady fingers finding the tie of her wrap dress as Jude dragged off the rest of his clothes.

It only took him a few seconds, but when Jude’s attention returned to the bed he froze. God, the look he gave her. It felt like the scorch of the sun and the bite of brutal winter, both at once. As he raked his eyes across her, from head to toe, Eden’s body melted, her limbs parting, sinking into the bed, melting in submission. And her nipples hardened, the peaks so stiff against the lace of her bra she thought they might pierce the delicate fabric, and her clit tingled with an anticipation that bordered on painful.

“Tell me you’re here, Eden. Tell me this is real. That this isn’t a dream.”

Eden blinked, the lust and longing in Jude’s voice making her back bow in submission.

I love you, her soul screamed.

“It’s real. We’re real,” she murmured. “Come, show me we’re real.”

One wave of her hand and Jude was on her, above her. They worked fast, stripping Eden of her clothes.

Their sighs shook the air when they finally met, chest to chest, hip to hip, heart to heart.

Eden went sightless when Jude’s fingers swept between her legs. It was simple and astonishing, the way her body opened to him. One finger, then two, sunk home, stretching and filling her.

Her heels scrambled against the bed when he flexed those fingers, dragging them forward. Her teeth scraped his shoulder when he added his thumb to her clit. It would take seconds, just a few more strokes and she would be break. But….

Eden pulled Jude’s hand free, kissing his fingers dry as he trembled above her and his erection pressed against her thigh.

“Inside. I want to come with you inside me.”

She’d barely finished speaking before Jude was grabbing a condom from the bedside table. A heartbeat later it was on, her blood pounding harder when his head found her entrance.

“We’re real,” Jude promised, his lips taking her mouth at the same time he took her body.

Eden wanted it to last forever, the drive and drag of his cock inside her, filling her. Stretching her and making a space that only he could fill. But they were desperate. Absolutely mindless, their thoughts given over the single purpose of finding bliss. Together. At last.

Jude shifted his hips and thrust hard. Eden gasped, her spine curving, her nipples crushed against his chest as he struck the place inside her that had her breath unraveling and the world flashing bright white.

“Don’t stop, Jude,” she begged against his neck, her tongue tasting salt and the man from her deepest dreams. “Never stop.”

His fingers found her hip, squeezing, marking her, as he promised, “Never.”

Their teeth found skin, their nails dug deep, Eden’s legs shook and hips rose and Jude’s neck arched and his eyes bore into hers beneath heavy lids as he drove home and she took him. Over and again until their lungs no long burned for oxygen, just release.

I love you, her soul screamed.

“I love you,” Jude promised and Eden came, crying out and tightening so suddenly that she ripped Jude’s climax from him, her inner muscles clenching until even his soft curses dissolved into unknown sounds.

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