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Book 1 in the Tropical Tryst Series {previously the Seven Winds Series}


✩✩✩ BLURB ✩✩✩

One week in the Caribbean. An attraction that breaks all the rules. And a paradise that tempts even the strongest to sin….


Four years. That’s how long he’s kept his feelings for his charming event planner in check. Because wanting her is wrong. Dangerous. And very bad for business.

But even the most powerful men have their breaking point. And Jack’s about to reach his.


Professionally, she’s at the top of her game. Personally, all of her plans crash and burn when she does the unthinkable – she falls for a client.

Now Sadie’s stuck at a luxury resort with the biggest – and most charming – threat to her career ever. She can’t avoid him. Worse, she’s starting to realize she doesn’t want to. But behind their stolen kisses and steamy trysts, Jack’s hiding secrets that could unravel both their lives when they leave the island.

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Book 2 in the Tropical Tryst Series {previously the Seven Winds Series}


✩✩✩ BLURB ✩✩✩

When they say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, they don’t mean in your bed…all night…. Right?

As a guest at her hotel, Mark’s impossible. As the new owner, he’s a total nightmare. Arrogant. Demanding. And tempting as sin.

Problem is, the more she’s around him, the more Grace wants to strip away his playboy facade and get to know the stoic man hidden beneath all that charm. And where better to bare all than in the bedroom?

But it doesn’t matter how sheet-singeing their attraction is. This is one merger that puts everything Grace has worked for at risk. So why does fighting for a place at Mark’s side feel so right when she knows falling for him is so wrong?

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Book 3 in the Tropical Tryst Series {previously the Seven Winds Series}


✩✩✩ BLURB ✩✩✩

Tessa has two rules for her new life. Falling for the mysterious man on the beach breaks both of them.

Tall, dark, and brooding, Tristan has the pastry chef’s piping bag in a twist the second he shows up uninvited in her kitchen.

Tessa’s job on the island is supposed to be a clean break from her old life. And the distraction she needs from everything she’s left behind. Feeding the quiet stranger with the ice-blue eyes isn’t part of the gig. Regardless of how delicious his half-smiles are.

But when their unlikely relationship heats up, Tessa realizes how little she knows about the gorgeous man sharing her bed. And when Tessa and Tristan’s secrets collide it’s the recipe for the perfect storm.