Accidentally in Love

Accidentally in Love, by Katy Ames

The next standalone in the 425 Madison Avenue Series

Releasing 6/27/19

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I know I can make you blush.

It’s a weird claim to fame, but a perk of my dream job: being the voice of your favorite romance audio books. Laughter, hijinks, adventure. Passion. Sweet heaven, the passion. It’s everything I could ever want. Except…

The problem with this fabulous life?

It’s all just fantasy.

Picking between Chinese and Thai delivery doesn’t count as adventure. The bestie who always makes me laugh is thousands of miles away. As for the hunky hero? It’s not like he’s just going to come crashing into my apartment.

Until the night a bearded stranger does exactly that…


Do the job. Get the bad guy. Go home.

Most importantly, don’t get involved.

Those are the rules. The bureau’s and mine. And they work. Even better, they give me the perfect excuse to keep my distance. The perfect escape from getting burned again. Except…

Why can’t I stop watching her? I shouldn’t care more about what she’s doing than my target. I shouldn’t let her distract me from the job. And I sure as hell shouldn’t fantasize about a woman I’ll never meet.

That is, until the night I surprise us both by kicking down her apartment door. Rules or no rules, it’s true that…

After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love.