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Book 1 in the Tropical Tryst Series {previously the Seven Winds Series}


✩✩✩ BLURB ✩✩✩

One week in the Caribbean. An attraction that breaks all the rules. And a paradise that tempts even the strongest to sin….


Four years. That’s how long he’s kept his feelings for his charming event planner in check. Because wanting her is wrong. Dangerous. And very bad for business.

But even the most powerful men have their breaking point. And Jack’s about to reach his.


Professionally, she’s at the top of her game. Personally, all of her plans crash and burn when she does the unthinkable – she falls for a client.

Now Sadie’s stuck at a luxury resort with the biggest – and most charming – threat to her career ever. She can’t avoid him. Worse, she’s starting to realize she doesn’t want to. But behind their stolen kisses and steamy trysts, Jack’s hiding secrets that could unravel both their lives when they leave the island.