Arya & Gavin’s NYC

Have you ever spent so much time thinking about something it becomes your default state of mind? It’s already dominating your brain when you wake up, and sneaking in when you’re showering and making your coffee and in the car {or subway or bus or on your bike}, and follows you to sleep at night.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that “not-so-mildly obsessed” is the best way to describe me when writing a book. I think about it–the characters, the plot, the dialogue, the steamy scenes, the HEA–constantly. It was no different with Arya and Gavin. I wrote their meet-cute in my head about fifteen times before it hit paper {aka my keyboard}.


Since Accidentally in Love is a part of a series that centers around an apartment building in New York City, I spent an equally enormous amount of time thinking about the city itself. The setting of a book always plays such a huge part in the story {there’s no way that meet-cute works if the buildings and people in NYC weren’t so close together}. And while I was obsessing about the where’s and what’s and how’s, this little map ↟↟ popped into my brain, featuring my favorite fictional spots:

Arya reading @ 425 Madison. The Battle Axe Club, best first “date” location ever. And The Midnight Garden {and Seven Sisters Salon} where Arya and Gavin’s romance really heats up.

I didn’t want the actual NYC to feel left out though, and all those “friends with adventure” dates were a fabulous way to sneak in references to real city spots:

The High Line {one of my favorite places in NYC}

Drinks on the roof @ the Wythe Hotel

The Comedy Cellar

Biking along the West Side Highway Path

Smorgasburg {which I’m definitely hitting up the next time I’m in the city}


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